Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training and Certification for Dentistry

On site PALS Training & Certification by Dentists with emphasis on dental related scenarios for Dentists & staff

About Us


We understand your dental needs and concerns for PALS training because we are Dentists.

We offer the initial PALS Provider course and the PALS Update course in the comfort of your dental office.  Our instructors are dentists that are AHA certified PALS instructors.  We understand dentistry and the possible medical emergencies that could occur while treating either sedated or non-sedated pediatric dental patients. Our PALS courses are geared toward dentistry and the emergency scenarios we use in our courses are dentally based.  


Pre-PALS Course Training

Let's face it: the medical content of the PALS course can be intimidating and overwhelming for dental personnel.  We offer pre-PALS course training to help dentists and team members learn the medicine they need to know to pass the PALS course.


If you provide moderate or deep sedation, one or more of your assistants needs PALS training.

The 2016 AAPD/AAP Sedation Guidelines state that when utilizing moderate sedation there should be a second  person present, in addition to the practitioner,  that is trained in and capable of providing advanced airway skills (e.g., PALS), and if providing deep sedation, must, at a minimum, be trained in PALS and capable of assisting with any emergency event.  To help you meet these requirements, we offer PALS training for both dentists and dental assistants.